Welcome… but Why Social Work?

Tiyanna Washington is a NYC-based licensed social worker and youth mental health advocate

Often times I get asked, why social work? Why’d you choose to go into such an emotionally-draining field? Or better yet, why kids? What’s your reason for wanting to work with the youth population-aren’t they difficult to work with? To be honest…it just feels right. Ever since I could remember, I’ve always enjoyed helping people but especially kids. I initially thought I was going to become a pediatrician but quickly realized in my junior year of high school, that chemistry and all other science related classes were just not for me! I then found myself exploring social sciences and really taking a liking to understanding human development, person to person interactions and various components of youth mental health & wellness. After majoring in psychology, I made the decision to transition to social work, with a focus on youth mental health and it’s the best decision I have yet to make. There’s something about working with a young person who doesn’t believe in themselves or has had a rough upbringing or not the most ideal home life, and meting them where they’re at-letting them know that you truly SEE them and all the potential they have to offer. Growing up, I was blessed to have 2 very loving and nurturing parents who would do anything for me, who poured love and positivity into me always-however I also had very close friends of mine that were not as fortunate and I got to see first-hand the effects trauma impacts a child’s mental, behavioral, emotional and physical well-being. So here I am: wanting to give young boys and girls a fair shot at being the best versions of themselves.

Thank you for visiting my page and I hope we can impact and change the lives of young people together, one conversation at a time.

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