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Tiyanna Washington is a NYC-based licensed social worker and youth mental health advocate recognized for her mental health advocacy and community service. She is the Founder & CEO of Tspeaksnyc, a company dedicated to providing quality, affordable, relatable mental health education and programming catered to youth ages 11-19 with a focus on underserved and minority populations. Tspeaksnyc seeks to empower the lives of young people while helping them to find their voice. Washington has landed coverage in print and broadcast outlets within the tristate area to include the Long Island Herald & New York 1-Queens Person of the Week in partnership with PurposefullyPrettyInc & has had her research published by the National Center for Permanency and Family Connections.

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“Our youth are a direct reflection of what has been poured into them. Pour into them with positivity and love always”

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Washington’s mission is to intentionally serve youth in helping them find their voices and increase their own understanding of mental health and wellness.

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Book Washington to increase mental health & wellness awareness and promote social-emotional learning amongst your youth groups & populations!

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You don’t want to miss Washington’s inspiring and informative events, some have called life-changing! Click to stay connected and keep up with latest and upcoming events.


I’ve had the privilege of working with Tspeaksnyc on a number of mental health & wellness initiatives, for the teen girls I work with. Tspeaksnyc truly understands the mental health needs & aspirations of teen girls. Her ability to connect and inspire young minds is unmatched. With her captivating workshops & empowering messages, she creates a safe and inclusive space where these girls feel heard, valued, and motivated to embrace their true potential.
Jonee Billy
Sr. Director of Strategic Partnerships & External Affairs, Power Play NYC, Inc.
Mrs. T is a gem! We were lucky to have found her when we did. My daughter connected with Mrs. T instantly and has worked with her for a couple of years. Mrs. T is passionate about her work, takes a holistic approach and puts my daughter’s well-being first. Thanks to Mrs. T and the tools she has given us, my daughter’s mental health has improved tremendously. Mrs. T is an invaluable part of our support team for my daughter.
Parent of Coaching Student
Ms. Washington we cannot begin to thank you enough for your profound presentation at our "Spread Love At The MoMA" Painting workshop in support of Anti-Bullying awareness. It was a success and we owe it all to you. Your gentle approach and kindness encouraged our young artist to feel comfortable and express themselves. Most importantly you allowed them to feel seen and heard. They learned valuable information and tools they will never forget and pass on to others. Thank you for leaving such an impactful long-lasting impression in the lives of our young artist. You are a motivating force Ms. T.
Keyonie Hart
Founder & CEO, City Called Art Inc.
I can't express enough, how grateful I am our teen girls participated in the wellness workshops facilitated by Tspeaksnyc. Her deep understanding of the challenges faced by teen girls combined with her compassionate & empathetic approach, created a transformative experience for all of us. Through her workshops, she skillfully guided our teen girls towards improved self-awareness, emotional well-being, and the tools to navigate life's ups and downs with resilience and confidence.
Tabatha Ferrer
Executive Director, The4AirProject Inc.
I just wanted to extend a heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve been doing with our daughter. Since meeting with you, we are noticing a change in her behavior and how she speaks about herself--you’ve created such a level of comfort and safety with her, thank you for all that you do!
Parent of Coaching Student
Tiyanna Washington has partnered with PurposefullyPretty Inc. for the last 6 years. While working with Mrs. Washington I have witnessed the passion, dedication and desire that she has for the well-being of young people, especially their mental health. Mrs. Washington shows a great deal of compassion, patience and understanding toward each young person that she works with. Whether it be speaking engagements or workshops, she is truly skilled at successfully engaging her audience and making them believe that they are capable of anything.
Diamond Craig
CEO & Founder Purposefullypretty Inc.
Mrs. Washington's presentation was outstanding. It helped bring about a better understanding of abuse and also offered up guidance on different approaches that will assist victims resolve traumas/seek professional counseling to begin the healing process. It was a pleasure to have Mrs. Washington as one of our keynotes speakers addressing such a sensitive and delicate topic and we hope to work with her on our future endeavors
Stacy Clark
Executive Director, The Blacklist Inc.
The Blacklist Inc. had the honor of collaborating with Ms. Washington for our “Let’s Talk About It” Is it Rape, Human Trafficking, or Consensual Sex? Program. Mrs. Washington opened our conversation by defining different types sexual abuse, explaining the different manners in which abuse can occur & tips for identifying people in our lives that may be experiencing sexual abuse. She also offered avenues of healing for those that have been violated, suggested that we support and encourage victims to advocate for themselves and she provided places for victims to seek professional help.
Our non-profit, The Power of You Teens, has had the pleasure of working with the incredible Ms. Tiyanna Washington since 2020. We have found her to be very warm, knowledgeable and personable. Ms. Tiyanna always brings empowering and life-changing presentations to our events! She is Confident, Inspiring and always connects with our teen girls! We would highly recommend Tspeaksnyc- she is a fantastic speaker, engaging and very passionate about mental health and wellness for youth!!
Felicia Gibson Jaycox
Founder and Executive Director